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Balcony Project of The Year

Irish Steel Awards 2023 – Balcony Projects – With Vertical Support – Castlepark Dalkey Balconies

Extreme Balconies Shines at the Inaugural Irish Steel Awards

We, at Extreme Balconies, are thrilled to unveil our recent triumph – being crowned with the Balcony Project of the Year Award by Irish Steel at the inaugural Irish Steel Awards. This accolade bears witness to the relentless dedication and exceptional quality manifested by our team in both our service and product range.

The awards ceremony was a revered occasion within the industry, bringing together esteemed organisations and professionals, all devoted to propelling the Irish steel sector forward. Being recognised in such a prestigious assembly not only heightens our profile but also highlights the innovative and high-quality work we are dedicated to delivering.

Our award-winning project exhibited the aesthetic charm of our balconies, aligning with the apex of industry standards. This nod from Irish Steel accentuates the effectiveness and aesthetic allure of our designs, demonstrating our prowess in harmonising engineering skill with aesthetic finesse.

We are deeply grateful to Irish Steel for this notable honour. Such endorsements invigorate us to keep pushing the envelope, setting new standards in balcony design and construction. The recognition resonates across our team, instilling a sense of achievement and fuelling our ambition to reach even greater heights.

The adventure so far has been thrilling, and this award marks a significant milestone in our continuous journey to redefine the balcony construction industry. With a forward-looking gaze, we are charged up to keep nurturing innovation, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, and consolidating our standing as pioneers in the industry.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our diligent team, whose expertise and hard work have been instrumental in securing this esteemed award. Your steadfast commitment and outstanding skills form the cornerstone of Extreme Balconies’ success.

This victory underscores the comprehensive nature of our services – from designing and manufacturing to installing our balconies, ensuring an unbroken chain of quality and satisfaction for our clientele. As we revel in the success of this remarkable accomplishment, our resolve is unyielding in our mission to deliver cutting-edge balcony solutions, further engraving our legacy of excellence in the Irish steel industry.